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5 powerful benefits of using tycoon gold addon to be rich in world of warcraft

You might be new to world of warcraft or you maybe have a lot of hours of play time, there is always something that you’ll never have enough and that is gold, the more you have the less you have to bother spending it on stuff you or any of your alts need.

This is what i did for my main in less than 15 day and i have not being saving any gold. learn more about it here:


Tycoon gold addon became one of the most used commercial addons for wow as it integrates several strategies into one roof. And provide to the beginner orĀ  seasoned player, a nice set of tools that will help you enjoy more free time into the game and bother less with the hassle of getting gold.

1. Auction house base analysis for dummies

For the most part you can find a simple way to dive deep into the server behavior, and learn about prices, the most searched items, what can make you more gold and even what days of the week are more active in your server and you don’t need to visit sites like the undermine journal to know all of that.

2. There is a huge list of power addons that reveal and track locations for materials in wow but for the most part, you should discover those sources first, tycoon gold addon is built in with a very effective database that locates all the items you need, for every map in world of warcraft, and as you should know ow is big!.

3. Some strategies to make gold, work really well for some and not very good for others, that’s why it is important to have options and be able to find the one that it fits you and that you enjoy. making gold in world of warcraft is like a fun mini-game for a few but a hassle for others, more when you don’t have a lot of time to enjoy the game.

With the wow gold tycoon, you can make gold with professions, just by farming materials and sell then in the auction house or to the vendors. you can also develop a creative strategy to find mats and craft items to sell them because they have huge demand and very low competition.

The sky is the limit when it comes to develop you favorite way to make gold in wow with tycoon gold addon.

4. In world of warcraft as like any other online game you’ll find loads of competition and more depending on your server load, well tycoon give you the edge and you will know more about the servers and the economy than 80% of your fellow players spending less time.

5. Making gold is a lot easier than ever with this slick addon, you can make more gold per hour than ever before and even more when you learn how to use it, so another powerful aspect of the tycoon gold addon is that you will learn better strategies and you will learn about making gold as if it where a guide, because it teaches you all the things that a lot of players would like to know when they just get to the game and you will learn faster.